September 22, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff ss14 Inspired Look

The NYFW just blew me off.. I saw all the pics...super awesome!! Runway always become my style inspiration..wish I can be there too....:')

This is a Rebecca Minkoff ss14 inspired look. (can you guess which one?) ;) 
I love the collections so much.. sooo pretty!!

Hair of the day: braids! love it so much :)

I wore a Sagaie blouse (that my mom bought from Paris some years ago, but I still in love so much);
Blue see-through short skirt; and
black Zara Heels

By the way, there is also a chictopia + NYFA instagram contest. So they post their favorite collection, and then we style a look inspired by it. Fortunately, their first post is the Rebecca Minkoff ss14 look!!

and then......

Tadaaa... I won!!! yayy!! super super happy 

Oh.. and I just made an instagram.. there is still only a little post.. but I'm so happy if we can follow each other!! Just follow me here and tell me if you already follow me. I'll follow back for sure :)

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September 9, 2013

Two Pieces

One of the must have item for me is this two pieces with one pattern!! I've been looking around and finally found the perfect two-pieces for me.. as you know that I'm a petite girl, sometimes it's hard to find a clothes that perfect for my body without making a changes..


The best thing about this two pieces is that you can wear it in many ways.. you can use both together or separately! see my pic wearing this top in here.

and if you want another inspiration. . .


Lashes of London

Urban Outfitters

See u on the next post!


September 1, 2013

Afternoon Breeze


I'm so happy when I can post something.. I don't know why but posting my outfits such a pleasure for me.. Hmm..maybe because I can express my self a little bit more to people? Do you feel the same? :)

Oh.. and today's outfit is about my current obsession: skirt!! I used to be a tomboy girl and love to do a lot of sports, so don't  like to wear skirt! but lately, I'm in love with it! haha.. 

Somehow, I still think that my face is not like 23! maybe a little bit younger.. 17?:p 
Some of my friends called me 'the elementary kid'!! seriously?? I'm not that innocent right? or am I? haha..

love the collar's details 

I wore a collar striped top necklace;
black skirt;
black hat;
Zara black ankle heels

I know that lately it's hard for me to take time to post something.. But I'm so in love with this blogging thing!! I really..really want to post a little more in the future..

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