July 25, 2013

Sweet Escape

Holaaa...I'm back and still in Bali!
After an exam and a very hectic semester, this vacation totally my sweet escape. Super duper happy!!♥ *sniffs

This morning, I go to Kuta beach, walking around pretending like a tourists *which is not (hemm) haha.. and end up relaxing at Ocean 27. It is a cozy and a very nice resto located on the side of the Kuta Beach. Awesome!

By the way, today's outfits post are gonna be a lot of flowers! :)

wearing a flower jumper by f21
Kuta Beach

sitting in front of the sea.. such a beautiful view! :')


moving into the pool table
super comfy!

 My second outfit 

 *ups.. my afternoon snacks from flapjacks! :p

This is my second outfit
wearing a blue flowery dress also from f21


Look at to the sky!! 

I took those pics on the AYANA Resort Bali. I had a dinner at Ayana rock bar. A stunning resto at the base of the sea cliff. Imagine that you have to use a cable car first to get there! Such a beautiful place with an amazing views! Dinner+sunset ==> PERFECT!!

Rock Bar


July 24, 2013

Hello World! ♥

Hello there!
I'm Ella from Indonesia. Welcome to my blog..
Actually, right now I'm in Bali, soooo... for the first post on this blog, I'd like to share my pics. Enjoy!

 My first destination.... dinner buffee at Mulia Resto! 


The pool
Posing in the side of the pool.. but the place look a little bit different from the first pic, no?

The Cafe

That's for today.. see u on the next post! ♥