October 25, 2013

Walk With You

Just realize that I haven't write any post for a month! such a lazy blogger I am..>.<"
wait.. actually it's not because I'm lazy, but because of my exam that took most of my time now.. arggg.. it's so hard to do blogging while I still in college, work and doing my thesis in the same time.. crazy! but it'll be finish in two months!! can't wait.. hehe.. btw, it's good to be back!!!

How are you everybody? sorry for the late reply.. can't wait to visit all of your blog.. my fave time, read an amazing post from all of you...:)

oh.. and this is my outfit that I wore when I visited my cousins to have a shopping together.. what do you think?

I wore a flowery dress by f21;
denim vest; and
blue studded bag

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