July 25, 2013

Sweet Escape

Holaaa...I'm back and still in Bali!
After an exam and a very hectic semester, this vacation totally my sweet escape. Super duper happy!!♥ *sniffs

This morning, I go to Kuta beach, walking around pretending like a tourists *which is not (hemm) haha.. and end up relaxing at Ocean 27. It is a cozy and a very nice resto located on the side of the Kuta Beach. Awesome!

By the way, today's outfits post are gonna be a lot of flowers! :)

wearing a flower jumper by f21
Kuta Beach

sitting in front of the sea.. such a beautiful view! :')


moving into the pool table
super comfy!

 My second outfit 

 *ups.. my afternoon snacks from flapjacks! :p

This is my second outfit
wearing a blue flowery dress also from f21


Look at to the sky!! 

I took those pics on the AYANA Resort Bali. I had a dinner at Ayana rock bar. A stunning resto at the base of the sea cliff. Imagine that you have to use a cable car first to get there! Such a beautiful place with an amazing views! Dinner+sunset ==> PERFECT!!

Rock Bar



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