August 9, 2013


This place called The Chocolate Ville. My friend told me about this place. Located about 30mins away from the Suvarnabhumi airport. Lucky me, I got a friendly taxi driver that helped me to find this beautiful place. He even amazed by this place. :D

Chocolate Ville is a mini themed mall designed to look like an old European village, complete with chapel, barn, clock tower, railway station and candy-colored shops. If you're looking for something different in Bangkok, this place might be a good option. :)


I wore an orange daisy top with my favorite black maxi skirt. I always bring this skirt when I travel. This skirt have a little peek a boo on the left side which give an extra points. It's so comfort but stylish at the same time. :)

Let's go a little inside. . .

the super cute duck ♥0

You can see the duck.. so cutee..*sigh

Let's dining and enjoy the view 

That's for today... see u on the next post!
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  1. I love that skirt you have on and the way you paired it with that top is so cute!!

  2. The giant duck Was similar to the one that docks in Hong Kong here Few months ago :)

    Nice pics anyway :) Greetings from

    1. Yes.. it's same! I saw that duck too in HK few months ago. too bad I didn't bring my camera with me.. that's why I'm so happy found this duck again..:)

  3. This place is so stunning! I love it! Somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Lol :)

    REAlity Bites

  4. Wonderfull place :) You can count a lot of stories, combining your clothing with these kind of interesting places. I really like that... greetings Marcella :)